Company Quality Policy

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Hills Limited is committed to providing a quality product and service to our customers every time.

In order to accomplish this aim, we have implemented a Quality Management System conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We are also committed to delivering world-class Health technology solutions to hospitals and aged care facilities, so that the people who need the most care are safe and can stay connected to their community and loved ones.

We are also setting the benchmark in the Contractor Management industry and have been doing so for the past two decades. We’re all about business efficiency, streamlining and making your work life easier. HILLS supports commercial, domestic and Government applications across Australia and New Zealand.

Our customers are a vital constituency. At all times we strive to find better solutions to their needs and translate these into products and services of high quality and value.

We attach a high value to people and believe that they are the most important long term asset of our company. Our Quality Management System is communicated to all relevant employees both during induction and on an ongoing basis as changes and improvements are made. It is our edict to grow the business and this is achieved by the dedication and commitment of all employees.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our system to ensure it remains effective and provides value to the Company, our employees and our customers.
This policy is reviewed at least annually as part of our Management Review process.

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