Hills designs world's slimmest retracting clothesline

The makers of the iconic Hills Hoist have created the world’s slimmest retracting clothesline, designed to meet the modern needs and tastes of Australian households.  
The award winning Slim Retracting Clothesline breaks the mould of the traditional clothesline aesthetic, delivering a sleek and minimalist clothes drying solution that blends discreetly into any setting.
To achieve this minimalist aesthetic, a new method of line spooling has been developed to create a system that runs parallel to the installation surface and allows the sleek cabinet to sit flush against the wall.
Hills Chief of Home and Consumer Matt Campbell said the company’s designers were briefed to rethink and reimagine the traditional clothesline.
“For almost 70 years, Hills has brought innovation to drying clothes and we want that tradition to endure for years to come. Instead of simply accepting the way things are done now, our Chief Designer, Tim Hooper, asked … “what if?” he said.
“We looked at our clotheslines and asked the question, what if we returned to the drawing board and started all over again?
“Our designers have reimagined the clothes line and designed an unobtrusive and minimalist product that blends discreetly into any Australian setting. The end result is a clothesline that doesn’t look like a clothesline.  The Slim holds its own when installed amongst modern and styled surroundings and perfectly complements contemporary Australian outdoor decor trends.
“We haven’t sacrificed function either. Whether it’s for a small balcony or large backyard, the lines can run from 2.0 to 6.5 metres long, allowing plenty of room to dry a family wash, including bed sheets.”
The Slim Retracting Clothesline was recognised with a Gold Good Design Award during this year’s Good Design Festival.
·       Sleek and discreet design that mounts seamlessly to the wall
·       A product depth of only 70mm, a reduction of 155mm from previous designs
·       Variable line length that can run from 2.0 to 6.5 metres
·       Dual settings for easy adjustment of line tensions for heavy light/loads
·       Individual spring-loaded line spools prevent tangling
The Slim is available in three architectural colour schemes (stone, silver and black) and is in stores now. For stockists, go to or call 1300 300 564.
Media Contact
Virginia Kim, Hills Limited, Product Communication and Innovation Manager
MB: +61 407 415 484