Hills Health Solutions secures exclusive access to Lincor's patient engagement platform

Hills Health Solutions has secured an exclusive distribution agreement to deploy Lincor’s next generation interactive patient care technology in Australian and New Zealand hospitals and aged care facilities for the first time.

Hills Health Solutions will offer Lincor’s technology in a services model across Australian and New Zealand hospitals, estimated at over 95,000 beds. This will help transform the patient experience by bringing interactive education, communication and entertainment technology directly to the bedside.

“Lincor's solution is world class and perfectly complements Hills existing Merlon and Questek nurse call communications system and HTR patient entertainment platform,” Head of Hills Health Solutions, Peta Jurd said.

“This is best-in-breed technology that will truly improve bedside point of care. Hills is committed to working with hospitals and aged care facilities to help improve safety, quality and speed of care.

“This platform will usher in a shift away from the traditional bedside clipboard and empower patients and clinicians to achieve better experiences and improved clinical outcomes.”

Patients will have access to communication services, entertainment content and patient education opportunities through a touch-screen monitor at the bedside. In addition, clinicians will be able to view and update medical records, order and verify medication and review a patient’s latest scans and test results right at the bedside.

"We are delighted with this partnership with Hills as, by working together, the two companies can deliver a world class patient experience in Australia and New Zealand,” Lincor CEO, Dan Byrne said.

“Our research confirms interactive patient education can reduce length-of-stay, lower readmission rates, and has been shown to improve patient satisfaction.

“The LINC Technology platform provides EMR and patient-portal access at the point of care, ensuring that all patient data is up-to-date and immediately available. This allows clinical staff to spend more, quality time with the patient thereby enhancing the patient experience.”

Lincor’s technology is operating in over 130 healthcare facilities around the world including Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (London), Holy Name Medical Center (New Jersey, USA), Aged Care facilities operated by Oslo Kommune (Norway), Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (Ontario, Canada) and UZ Leuven, Belgium’s largest hospital.

Lincor’s technology will be available to be rolled out in Australia and New Zealand immediately through Hills Health Solutions.

About Hills Health Solutions
Hills Health Solutions is Australia’s leading provider of interactive patient care for the hospital and aged care sectors, including communications, nurse call, monitoring and entertainment systems. Hills has a presence in over 350 Australian hospitals and 600 aged care facilities. For more information, visit

About Lincor Solutions Ltd
Founded in 2003, Lincor Solutions is the global leader in patient engagement technology with corporate offices in Cork and Dublin, Ireland and Nashville TN and customers in over 20 countries, served by a network of Lincor Sales professionals and partners. Through its state-of-the-art LINC Technology, Lincor transforms the patient experience by bringing interactive education, communication and entertainment technology directly to the bedside. Empowering patients in this way helps hospitals achieve better patient engagement, satisfaction and clinical outcomes.  For more information, visit

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