Hills launches Yamaha CS-700 to ANZ market at Integrate 2017

Hills will launch the CS-700 to the ANZ market at Integrate, as part of their unified communications range, targeting the increasing importance of collaborative technology in today’s workplace.
The CS-700 is the first Revolabs Yamaha joint-engineered product since Yamaha acquired Revolabs in 2014.
Huddle rooms have unique requirements – they are typically small areas with limited table top space. The Yamaha CS-700 video is designed as an all-in-one wall mounted system, offering best in class audio, video, and screen sharing capability, while incorporating USB, VoIP and Bluetooth connectivity. An integrated remote management capability enables IT departments to monitor and manage the CS-700 from a centralised location.
Utilising the combined audio expertise of Yamaha and Revolabs, the CS-700 incorporates a beamforming microphone array that ensures every spoken word is distributed evenly. A four element speaker bar provides amazing audio, and combined with an award-winning audio processing technology, provides for easy,natural conversations, with clarity and intelligibility for remote participants.
Huddle rooms and collaboration spaces vary in size, and in small rooms participants may sit in close proximity to displays and cameras, requiring camera panning to see the whole room.
The CS-700 utilises a 120-degree ultra-wide angle camera to capture up to 80% of the room in one field of view, while the high pixel count ensures every expression is captured.
The CS-700 supports business communication applications including Microsoft® Skype for Business™, Google Chromebox for Meetings™, and Zoom®. In addition, it provides a SIP interface to the corporate call manager, replacing the need for a separate conference phone in the huddle room. USB and SIP communications can be easily bridged to expand communication opportunities even further, and Bluetooth allows for fast and easy audio connections, instantly turning a mobile phone or computer call into a conference call.
The CS-700 also offers DisplayLink, which allows any computer or device to connect to any monitor, enabling sharing of up to two screens’ contents using the same USB connection for video and audio – reducing cables and clutter across the huddle room table.
Visit Hills at Integrate 2017 (stand C16) or call 1300 445 571 for more details.