Hills helps businesses get NBN ready

Hills helps businesses get NBN readyHills launched a new service offering today aimed at helping businesses across the country prepare for the impact of the National Broadband Network (NBN) roll-out.

Head of Sales and Operations for Hills Health Solutions, Tom Sykes, said NBN roll-out will affect technology and services and it is important businesses are aware of the changes
“The rollout of the NBN is progressing at a rapid pace. Many business locations may soon be covered by the NBN footprint as it continues to be rolled out nationally, but may not be aware of the impact that it will have on their business” Tom Sykes said.
“Once the copper lines have been disconnected, no service will be available unless people have switched over.
“As we talk to our customer base, we have discovered that there is a lack of understanding of how exactly businesses will be impacted and especially which services will be affected by the transition to the NBN.
“All services at health and aged care facilities around the country will be affected by the change including: Telephones, fire alarms, lift emergency phones, fax machines, medical devices, , intercoms, vending machines, security cameras, paging devices and ATMs.
“Hills Health Solutions new service offering will work with businesses to identify the impact and manage the transition.”
Download more information here on how Hills can help your business get NBN ready.
Melanie Stewart, Hills Limited, Product Communication and Innovation Manager
MB: +61 448 431 378