Hills Video Security
intelligent cloud
CCTV solution


The Hills VSD1 Intelligent Cloud CCTV allows you to view live camera vision on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. It's simple to install and set up, with subscription plans available to provide motion detection recording and playback without the need of a DVR.

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This plug-and-play solution is simple to install and set up, requiring no configuration to your existing network. Just plug it into the router and it automatically connects to the Hills Trusted Cloud.

live view

Instant camera live viewing is available on smartphones, tablets or PCs after a simple registration process. Free live viewing is included with the purchase of the kit.


The VSD1 system supports multiple cameras in a single premises.
Multiple users can access the cameras from their own devices.


Infrared lighting enables the camera to work in low light and at night while still capturing clear images.


With a subscription plan, inbuilt motion detection technology triggers a recording which is sent to the Hills Trusted Cloud to be viewed anywhere, anytime via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Fees apply.


Recording can be played back anytime anywhere, providing peace of mind that videos are kept in the cloud until you decide to delete them.

Remote viewing on Apple or Android phones, tablets and computers

  • Free Apple and Android App download
  • Supports multi-device viewing
  • Immediate peace of mind
  • Check up on the kids when you’re out
  • Video recording and storage*
  • Motion detection

  *Recording/playback services in cloud only with one of the 
  simple subscription plans. Fees apply.

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