Health & Safety


Hills is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive working environment.

We believe that a safe and clean workplace has central importance for the operation of a successful business. Likewise, we believe workplace injury and disease are preventable through the use of clear standards of work.

Hills maintain a Workplace Health & Safety Policy which outlines our WHS commitments and sets the broad goals for all workers and others in relation to understanding their rights and obligations regarding WHS; and accepting individual responsibility and accountability for working safely.

Our WHS Management System (WHSMS) consists of corporate policies, standards and guidelines put in place to support the objectives of the policy and formalise Hills’ commitment to continuous WHS improvement. Hills is committed to aligning this system with the requirements of ISO45001 and conducting internal and external audits to assess compliance.

Hills regularly reports on WHS performance internally through a company-wide incident management system. Our primary goal for health and safety is to achieve Zero Harm.

Across the entire Hills Group, our policy is to:

  • Establish and maintain responsible standards, objectives and targets for identifying and managing the WHS impacts of our services and processes
  • Monitor, review and audit our documentation, processes and performance against recognised WHS benchmarks, address any non-conformance, and strive for continuous improvement utilising all necessary internal and / or external expertise
  • Uphold our duty of care by providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work place by conducting all activities with a hazard management approach that will ensure the health and safety of our workers and others
  • Commit to communicate and consult with all staff on relevant WHS matters. This includes providing all workers and others the information and training required to perform their work in compliance with our WHS requirements
  • Ensure that as a condition of employment, all workers and others understand their rights and obligations regarding WHS, and accept individual responsibility and accountability for working according to the Hills WHS Management System
  • Encourage WHS awareness and responsibility through the internal and external reporting of our performance
  • Provide equitable claims management for workers who sustain work-related injury / illness, and where required, promote effective workplace rehabilitation to achieve the earliest possible return to meaningful and productive work
  • Comply with legislative obligations and be sensitive to community expectations
  • Ensure Hills systems are compliant with the requirements of ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

All staff and contractors are required to comply with the requirements of the Hills WHSMS including all relevant Legislative Requirements relating to WHS. Hills will treat any and all breaches of our health and safety standards quickly and seriously. In the event of a breach, the responsible parties will face disciplinary action which may involve verbal and written warnings, and in more serious cases, termination of employment. In the event of a law being broken, the responsible parties will be personally liable.

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